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  • 2 Gang 1 Way Smart Switch

    2 Gang 1 Way Smart Switch


    Gateway For Smart Switch
    Special Price $41.81 was $92.90
    Availability: In stock
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    LIVOLO Smart Gateway
    Home Lighting Control Center
    Extended Capabilities
    LIVOLO switch and socket technologly works with more
    and more smart home accessories
    NOTE: smartphone APP displayed only works with a gateway.
    APP Control
    Control switches from anywhere with your smartphone
    Damp Proof
    Works even in humid conditions
    NOTE: smartphone APP displayed only works with light-adjustable feature switches and a gateway.
    Adjustable Lighting Control
    Drag to adjust the brightness you like
    Toughened Glass
    Resists scratches and scarring
    ECHO Voice Control
    With one simple command,
    you can control the LIVOLO ZB switch with Alexa,
    turning on/off the lights.
    Structures & Components
    glass panel
    Touch screen
    Metal frame
    Flame retardant
    bottom base
    Technical Parameters
    Crystal glass panel
    Neutral wire terminal
    Live line terminal
    Poly carbon holder
    Screw mounting slots
    Installation instructions
    Wiring diagram
    Neutral wire (N)
    Live line (L)
    Installation Diagram
    Without Mounting Box. Click, to add this feature.
    Connect the appropriate wires and tighten the screws.
    Open the panel by screwdriver
    Click the touch panel into place and connect the power supply.
    Tighten the screws to mount the product.
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